At Forward 2000 we can supply you with a complete electrical system to the smallest fuse. Whatever your electrical requirement we can supply you from leading brands the quality products you require to support your business. We are continuously increasing our technical & production expertise to ensure we provide you the service and parts you need. We genuinely want our customer business to grow, so the electrical products and services we offer are designed to make your lives as easy as possible.

So, let us connect you in many ways with our comprehensive range of electrical products and build services.

Complete electrical system to the smallest fuse

  • Cables & Cable Accessories – For any wiring project, no matter the size.
  • Cable Management – From steel conduit to basket tray we have it all.
  • Data & Networking – Data cabinets, cable, networking, ups systems & more.
  • Distribution Equipment – Busbar, switches, consumer & distribution boards.
  • Enclosures – Plastic, steel, stainless enclosures & boxes for every application.
  • Industrial Controls – All the industrial component to keep your machines running.
  • Surge Protection – Primary, secondary & earthing.
  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Motor Starters – DOL, reversing, star delta & manual starters.
  • Fuses – 1000’s of different fuses from many manufacturers worldwide.
  • Lighting – Lighting luminaries perfect for offices & warehouses.
  • Lamps & Tubes – Lamps & fluorescent tubes for all types of applications. 
  • Fire Safety & Security – Detectors, security lights & alarms.
  • CCTV – Cameras, camera mountings, DVR’s & wireless kits.
  • Test Equipment – Testers including multi-function & 17th edition.
Circuit breakers
Network cable
Electrical cable
warehouse lighting

From panel components such as relays, timers and terminal blocks to PLC, HMI and AC Drive based automation systems that operate sophisticated machine processes, customers around the world rely on IMO product solutions to perform as integral parts of their business.

Switchgear, Enclosures, Junction Boxes & Cable Accessories, Distribution equipment, Circuit & Surge Protection, Plugs & Sockets, Motor Starters & Control Gear, as well as a diverse range of fuses.
In addition, we also distribute for leading manufacturers, such as, Fibox, Fanton, Replol, Siba, Mersen, Lawson, C&S, ETI, Spelsberg, Terasaki, Jung, Dehn, Delta Design and Ducati to mention a few.

Please call us on 01865 736666. Ask for the electrical department to get straight through to the experts.