Articulated robots

Yamaha multi-axis articulated robots are available. Ideal for constructing compact cells, for moving or assembling small parts, and for performing inspection processes.

The articulated robots ‘YA series’ pursue high speed and space saving to contribute to production facilities for improved productivity and downsizing.
Combined with a running axis, the YA series robots make the transport between processes more efficient.
Best suitable for building up a compact process cell and processes of transporting small parts, assembly, and inspection.

YA series

Yamaha YA-R5F articulated robots

YA series 6-axis

The 6-axis robots range from the ultra-light YA-RJ with 1 kg payload up to the YAR6F with 6 kg payload and longest reach in class (1422mm).

Yamaha YA-U20F 7-Axis Robot

YA series 7-axis

The 7-axis robots open up new possibilities due to the very high degree of motion like a human arm. It can reach behind objects and used in narrow space. Variations from 5 to 20 kg payload are available.